Résumé / Curriculum Vitae

Stuff I’m really good at . . .

What I’m doing right now

Freelance Copyediting / Book Editing Having trouble with your Great American novel? Need a fresh set of eyes to help add some sizzle to your narrative? Corporate training program not getting the results you were hoping for? I can help.

FilemakerPro Database Developer for Waxing Moon LLC. Our current client is a regional auction house. Our databases and IT consulting have caused a paradigm shift in inventory control, bookkeeping, invoicing, cash flow and (most importantly) customer satisfaction.

Insurance Agent, semi-retired for Englefield Insurance Agency, Inc., specializing in property & liability insurance for small businesses. My clients say they really like the personal attention and professionalism.

Skills (No, seriously. This is what I do, and what I’m good at.)

Customer Service Assigning priority to the needs and desires of your customers. Face-to-face; on the telephone; in writing.

Systems / Operations If there’s a more efficient, streamlined, cost-effective way to serve customers, employees and management — without letting the tail wag the dog — I’ll find it. I’m definitely a systems guy. By systems I mean: information systems, process flow and ongoing improvements to operations. The goal is to help you create an environment that will allow your employees to deliver outstanding, over-the-top, nobody-does-it-better customer service. The overall result will be an improved quality of life in the workplace which, in turn, will fuel customer satisfaction, which will drive employee satisfaction and job ownership, which will fuel . . . well, you get the idea. Oh, and, you’ll make more money, too.

French Speak, read and write fluently. (That’s right — fluently.)

Mediator Helping two sides come together.

Copyediting & Technical Writing for clear, meaningful communication.

Training / Curriculum Development for individuals, seminars, large audiences.


Apple Macintosh® and Mac OS.

FilemakerPro® the most-used database for small business.

Freeway4Pro® for web site design.

Microsoft Excel®

Microsoft Word®

Things I’ve done in the past

Foreign Language Faculty Member

University of Houston, Central Campus

Université de Montpellier, France

Lycée Technique Jean Mermoz, Montpellier, France

University of Texas, Austin

Austin Community College

Houston Community College

Interpreter for the Houston Ballet stage crew while in Nice, France.

Quantum Theorist (Just kidding!)

Technical Writer / Consultant for a consulting firm to Fortune 1000® franchise companies. Areas of specialization were information systems, operations and training.

Antiques Dealer High-end French and English, mostly furniture. So before you drop $18k on what appears to be a pair of period Louis XV fauteuils (armchairs), you might want to give me a call.

Other stuff . . .

I can do it if I have to, but it’s not my thing

Work in a Microsoft Windows® environment

Web Site Design I designed the one you’re looking at, now — with a little help from my Apple’s iWeb® .

Quantum Mechanics (Still kidding. Truth be told, I’m lousy at math; even page numbers confuse me. Hence, my proficiency with Microsoft Excel® !)

Graphic Design I designed the logos that appear at the bottom of this résumé.

Parallels Desktop® Windows® emulation for Mac.

Photoshop Elements®


Favorite Truisms

It always costs more to do it right the 2nd time.

You can have a combination of any two — and only two — of the following: GOOD     FAST     CHEAP. (Example: You can have it fast & cheap, but it won’t be good. Go ahead, try some more combinations.)

Chances are you don’t have a personnel problem; what you really have is a training problem or a systems problem.

If you never make a mistake, then you’re not doing it right.

It’s time to resign as General Manager of the Universe.

Keep me away from . . .

Office politics.

Tails wagging dogs.

Music that requires a sub-woofer.

Personal Slogan

Do good work. Tell the whole truth. Keep your promises.

Things I do “just because”

Teach Tai Chi Free classes at First Unitarian Universalist Church.

Mentor a growing boy


Database Administrator Houston Pride Band

Fun Stuff

Cooking French and Northern Italian. (Julia Child is my hero.)

Gardening because beauty and fresh herbs are important.

Ghost hunting Used to work with Bayou City Paranormal.

Playing the trumpet with Houston Pride Band.

Shooting pool

Collapsing quantum wavicles while sitting on the front porch swing with a soy milk latte

Education . . .

French Language, Literature, Linguistics / Pedagogy

Post-Graduate (Doctoral) University of Texas, Austin

M.A. and B.A. University of Houston, Central Campus

How to check me out . . .

For Insurance Agent

Texas Department of Insurance


My license number is 1009856.

For everything else

Please tell me what area interests you and I’ll be glad to provide a list of names with contact information.

One-liners I solicited from friends & clients

“Dale is very conscientious and brings all of his resources to the task at hand.” —Bruce Banes, longtime friend and former employee.

“Dale explains a variety of issues and topics from a multi-dimensional perspective as well as an introspective viewpoint which results in an enlightenment moment for the listener.” —Roxanne Tiner, friend from college.

“Dale is the most honest and fair-minded person I have ever met, and he makes a mean latte.” —Stan Harrell, longtime friend and former employee.

“Dale is a very flexible, self-directed, hard-working and intelligent man. —Rose Ramos, friend and employer.

“Dale is our partner in insurance needs. He always looks out for our best interest even if it’s not in his.” —Michelle Wimp, small business owner and client.

“Dale is probably in my top three most conscientious people that I know. I have never known him to lie about our business dealings together. In fact, he has informed me of things that helped me, even when they could have worked to his disadvantage.” —Clay Howell, longtime friend and client.

“Dale is that rare individual able to view any problem from a new perspective to create an effective, efficient solution, while training himself to utilize whatever resources are available. He is a highly intelligent, perceptive and responsible person with remarkable trouble-shooting skills, excellent management and organization skills, and is uniquely suited to solve any problem he encounters. His insight is keen and his judgment is sound.” —Charlott Low, longtime friend.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dale Englefield for over 35 years, both personally and professionally. We were both in the UH Cougar Marching Band and have kept in touch over the years since our graduation.  My family and I have called upon his expertise as we sort through our belongings and keepsakes as we prepare my parent's home for sale.  Dale is the utmost professional — he is honest, knowledgeable, smart and fair-minded.” —Cathy Frank, longtime friend (obviously).

“Dale Englefield is the consummate insurance professional: He is intelligent, honest, and conducts all business dealings with integrity. He puts his client’s interests before his own; for example, I never felt it necessary to get competitive quotes. He knows commercial insurance cold. He has the patience and clarity of thought/expression to explain the most arcane insurance detail. Dale provided all my commercial coverages for more than 15 years. I never considered any other option. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide additional detail regarding my experience.” —Bill Schofield, PhD, PE, Owner ESS, Inc. BSPE@ESSpiking.com

Two logos I designed . . .

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For centuries Tai Chi practitioners have looked to the ancient Chinese symbol representing the play between yin and yang to remind then that, when they practice Tai Chi, they are engaging the mind, the body and the spirit for the purpose of cultivating outer strength and inner peace.


Dale A. Englefield, Jr.

713-721-4242                                                                               Dale@DaleEnglefield.com